How to insert a picture into your GardenGuides blog


#1 The arrow is pointing to where your cursor is, to insert your picture.










#5 You want to use the bigger picture for better viewing. The small thumbnails are hard to see in a blog post.


#6A  FOR GOOGLE CHROME browsers.

 (Scroll down if you use Internet Exporer: IE)


#6b FOR INTERNET EXPLORER browsers. Right click on the Picture.

#6b-1 ...Internet Explorer Continued...

Make sure you have the WHOLE URL. There is more to the address than what is shown.

If you were to left click on the address and hold down your left click button (like you were to highlight a sentence), then move your mouse down , you will see the whole address. An easy way to make sure you have the whole URL is to select:  SELECT ALL.





#8  The line left of the arrow represents your cursor and where you want to place your picture.



#10 You are going to right click inside the Image URL: box.

#11  Look at  Image URL: You will now see the URL inserted in the box.